About Us

Plant-Based Food with Legendary Flavor.


It’s going down right now. A change in how we eat. A demand for food with nutrition and mind-bending flavor.

Flavor that’s changing the game. Flavor that’s creating a legend. Flavor created by a seasoned chef, not a lab technician.

Those other plant-based burgers don’t even know what’s about to happen. We’re crafting food inspired by our original legend – mom.

Mom went plant-based for her health. But the burgers she was eating were junk. That’s not us. So, we stepped up. Creating plant-based food with flavor like no other. Making meals worthy of mom. Because if mom can’t eat it, no one should.

We are a black-owned company and proud of what we’ve created. Proud to be leading the way for everyone craving legendary flavor.

This flavor will get you. For real, it’s a whole other level of taste. Take a bite. There’s no turning back to that bland life. 

This is the start. It’s going down. Join the flavor movement. 

Fight to make Everything Legendary™. Because taste is everything.

The Legendary Team.


The idea man. Duane put his diverse entrepreneurial knowledge and deep community connections to work – turning his concept for plant-based nutrition with actual flavor into a reality. And mom approves!


The strategizer. Healthy eating has been a life-long passion for Danita. It became a priority after her mother fell ill. She uses her worldly outlook, philanthropic spirit and business acumen to turn our plant-based foods into Legends. 


The Show Runner. With deep business, logistical and food industry experience, Vince operates as COO with both military precision and a whole lotta love – making moves for his friend for over 20 years, Duane.


The innovator. Cynthia’s been in the food and innovation game for a while – developing and commercializing food products for major CPG companies for over 25 years. Cynthia shepherds our Everything Legendary products from the chef to the kitchen to the grocery shelves.


The Social Media Content Creator. Darise is a seasoned communications consultant who has been providing digital media support to major brands for more than 15 years. She uses her creativity to directly engage and connect with followers, ultimately cooking up the perfect recipe for viral posts.